Teachings about the Bible

While studying at Bible College I had trouble understanding one portion of Scripture in the New Testament, to be exact James 2:14-26. May be you want to read the verses now. Please click on the address!

I even went to talk to the principal in the office– but I did not get the point. Even Martin Luther, the German reformer, had trouble understanding the book of James.

He found it difficult to harmonize James with Paul. Justification by Faith alone and Faith without works is dead.

But what the reformers said helped me greatly:



A. Incommunicable Attributes

B. Communicable Attributes

A. Incommunicable Attributes
1. The selfexistence of God — Exodus 3:13,14,15

God is the first cause of everything but he himself is uncaused.

God is the only independent being in the universe.

Men are dependent beings. Someone said: ‘ We are the echo of an original voice.’

We are willing to share ourselves, to sacrifice ourselves , but we are not willing to dethrone ourselves.

Acts 2:36,37

All of a sudden they realized that they were dependent beings!

‘Spirit of Independence’ I saw written today on a Mercedes Maui rental car. I would have liked to take a picture, but my digital camera was at home.—We are not even sure of our next breath!

2. The unchangeability of God– Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 1:10,11,12

The promises of God are unchangeable. Most of us know some promises off by heart.

3. The infinity of God — Psalm 139:7-10// 2 Peter 3:8

He is unlimited

a. by defect

b. by time

c. by space     We cannot escape HIM!

4. The Unity of God  Exodus 15:11    1 Corinthians 8:6

B. Communicable Attributes

1. The spirituality of God John 4:24

2. The intellectual attributes   Romans 11,33

a. Knowledge

b. wisdom

c. veracity

To be continued!