ENCOURAGED I was when I received two little booklets (Gospel news for eternal salvation: THE HOLY SPIRIT and ETERNITY) today when walking back from church from an elderly man.

I started talking to the man and  discovered that he did not belong to a Pentecostal Church but to the Exclusive Brethren.

How good it is to receive encouragement to tell others what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for us (Personal Evangelism).

I hope you are also encouraged.

The Lord says in Matthew 10:32,33:



What growing Churches have in Common

In an article written by Murray Robertson I am reading what growing Churches have in common. (NZ Baptist, February 2013, page 3)

I am learning from the article  that “clear Biblical preaching,” “a commitment to consistent Biblical Preaching” and “good expository preaching”  is the foundation of growing Churches.

I am also learning that the result, (outcome) is what I call Personal Evangelism. (PE) Murray Robertson says, “The thing that struck me most of all about the group was their obvious  sense of joy in speaking to others about the gospel.” I spoke about my faith  in the Lord Jesus Christ this morning. I talked to a complete stranger. We talked while walking together on the road.

In between comes that the members of growing churches are focused, their themes are Empowerment and Discipleship. Murray Robertson says about Discipleship: “This was seen not simply as the accumulation of knowledge about the faith but a capacity to let lifestyles be shaped by the values of the gospel.”  The members of growing churches are also from many different nationalities.

Let us learn from growing Churches  



Seven times I find the word “communication(s), communicate(s), communicating” in the letter to the PROBUS friends written by the present chairman (2012-13). (Magazine active, Issue 54, Spring 2012, Your Official New Zealand Probus Magazine)

It is pointed out how important communication is and many ways are suggested  how “to communicate about PROBUS to the wider community.”

I hope that you have heard about the PROBUS Clubs.

What an encouragement that was for me to communicate the GOSPEL. What an encouragement that was for me  preach, to make known the GOSPEL.

In Mark 16:15 the Lord Jesus Christ says, “‘GO INTO ALL THE WORLD AND PREACH THE GOOD NEWS TO ALL CREATION.” In First Corinthians 9:16 the apostle Paul says, “Woe to me if I do not preach the GOSPEL!” That’s why he was able to say to Timothy, “Preach the Word, be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage –  with great patience and careful instruction.”

Yesterday I talked to two Germans and today with two more Germans here in Kaitaia. I am from Germany. We are not only talking about general things, but my main purpose is to communicate the GOSPEL, to tell them what the Lord has done for me and that everyone who believes will be saved. I am also thankful to the Lord when they accept my business cards at the end of the conversation. From now on I will always have some of the cards in my pocket. The business cards are homemade.P1220990

And what a joy it is when  I find out that I am talking to believers in the Lord Jesus Christ!

That actually happened today!


I am in the process of getting more business cards printed.


I am meeting again and again Germans here in Kaitaia, in the north of New Zealand.

That even happened today.

And we are not only talking about general things, but also about spiritual things.

In the future I will be able again to give people I talked to my contact details. I am thinking especially about my blog www.wernerdekarski.net

“Seizing the Day…….”

“Seizing the day through digital Technology”

That says the BiblesinAction leaflet.

I want to ask you two questions.

The first question: When is the time of God’s favor? 

The second question: When is the day of Salvation?P1220813

Listen to what it says in Second Corinthians 6:2

“‘In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.'”

And the verse continues with these words, “I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, now is the day of salvation.”

The answer to both of the above questions is NOW.

NOW is the time of God’s favor.

NOW is the time of Salvation.

Now is the time to tell people what the Lord has done for you.

There are many different ways of course to seize the day.

I like to seize the day through Personal Evangelism. I did that not long ago in Mangonui and Ahipara. I felt that my testimony was a bit disjointed, but I believe the Lord is going to bless our efforts for him. 

“The digital revolution has begun…”

Maybe you want to seize the day through digital technology.

A “new home” and a “perfect home.”


On my way to the centre of our beautiful town KAITAIA I pass The National Bank. Through the window I can see a big poster inside the Bank. On the poster I am reading about a “new home” and a “perfect home.”

Whenever I read that I am reminded of my new and perfect home in heaven the BIBLE teaches about and the hymn writers write songs about.

What does the BIBLE teach about our new and perfect home in heaven?

First of all let me say that I like to talk a lot about heaven, because I am going there. If you are familiar with this  blog you know that already.

In Second Corinthians 5:1 we read that Heaven is not only a building, but that Heaven is a building of God. Hebrews 4:9 teaches that Heaven is called a place of rest.

Heaven is also called the Father’s House. John 14:2 “In my Father’s house are many rooms;……” The Lord Jesus Christ says that. He says also that he is “the life” and “the truth” and “the way” to his Father’s house.

I know the way to the Father’s house and I count it a privilege to tell others that the Lord Jesus Christ is THE WAY!

I have lots of opportunities to do so: 

Lately I met GREENPEACE people here in Kaitaia and talked to one man for quite some time. I was also given a RED FISH GUIDE. I am looking at the guide just now.

I think there are  a good number of Germans coming through Kaitaia and it is a joy for me to talk to them. (I am fluent in German!) I meet them usually in a well-known family restaurant with FREE WIFI here  in town. I also encourage them to write down my E-mail address and my website: www.wernerdekarski.net!

Please read the last book of the BIBLE, Revelation, and you find out that Heaven is a PERFECT PLACE.

Heaven is a place of perfect sinlessness. Let us also rejoice that Heaven is a place of  perfect satisfaction, perfect provision and PERFECT GOVERNMENT!

What do the hymn writers write about our new and perfect home in heaven?

HEAVEN is the topic of many hymns.

I like the hymn WHEN THE TRUMPET OF THE LORD SHALL SOUND by James M. Black.  Do you know the hymn FACE TO FACE WITH CHRIST MY SAVIOUR? (Carrie E.  Breck)

COME ALONG WITH ME TO MY FATHER’S HOUSE, is another beautiful hymn about heaven.

And yes, “Come along with me to my Father’s house, Where there’s joy, joy, joy!

“In the remote parts of the countryside old people still say of those who die, They have gone home.” –Earl Baldwin (Good in Everything by H. L. GEE)

“In a quiet churchyard in Sussex is a simple grave which bears this lovely inscription : Gone home with a Friend.” – Rev. William J. May (Good in Everything by H. L. Gee)


Yesterday in the morning I was not able to contact my friends on my mobile phone.

I will tell you why. “No networks coverage” came up on the phone.

I am here in Kaitaia, in the beautiful north of New Zealand. I have been here now for a number of years, and that was the first time that that happened. There is usually no problem.

But I was still able to call my best friend, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ says in John 15:14:

You are my friends if you do what I command.”

And I want to do what the Lord commands.

One of his commands is

 “‘Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes and  is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.'” – Mark 16:15,16

Not long ago I met two young men (tourists) from Rostock in Germany. The opportunity arose to talk to one of them for some time about my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. He listened attentively and was eager to write down my website.