“Sharing is Caring,” I heard a mother say yesterday in the restaurant. Father and mother and two young children were sitting at a table not far from me. Obviously the mother was talking to the children., but I don’t know exactly what they were supposed to share.

SHARE: “Sharing is Caring.”

It is good to learn to share from an early age.

Some time ago I saw a sign that said, “Share the road.” Are we doing that?

In the Bible the Apostle Paul is writing to Philemon, “I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith.” (Philemon 6)

This morning I picked up the Devotional Treasury by Billy Graham called UNTO THE HILLS, and there I read today, January 8, that Billy Graham was on a flight in Africa with reporters and began to share his faith, but the reporters did not show any interest.

Only after the plane survived a very turbulent storm, one of the reporters wanted to know more about life after death.

I hope we care enough to share with others, especially our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.



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