What an encouragement it was for me today to receive a magazine I remember from many years ago, while sitting in one of the coffee shops here in Kaitaia on this rainy day and reading the local paper. The couple distributing not only the magazines, but also calendars, travelled in a caravan.

A CALENDAR AND A MAGAZINE: I received them today in the coffee shop.

The magazine I remember from many years ago is called TUPU WHAKARANGI and is the “official magazine of Maori Postal Aotearoa.” It is FREE and I was given issue 223. One article in the magazine is called “Ten reasons not to do drugs.” I was also given a 2018 bilingual calendar “MARAMATAKA.” On the front cover is the photo of a dear at Peat Park, Whanganui and the Bible verse  Psalm 119:105. There it says, “THY WORD IS A LAMP UNTO MY FEET.”

Looking closer at the magazine TUPU WHAKARANGI issue 223, I see that the editor has not changed. I also recognize the name of the designer from many years ago.

And many years ago I used to distribute the magazine in our neighbourhood and I also used to write short articles for the magazine. Am I now encouraged to distribute the magazine again in our neighbourhood? What do you think?