“GET ONE’S TEETH INTO,” I found not long ago in the The Collins Concise Dictionary, and I am thinking quite a bit about it.

It seems to me that at the present time the message for me is to get my teeth into serious study of the Bible, to become engrossed in The Word of God.

Yes, I am reading my BIBLE from cover to cover, and yes, I am going to Church and listen to sermons, but I have decided to make an effort to get again into serious study of the Scriptures.

Romans ONE

In First Corinthians 12:28 we read that God has appointed teachers in the Church.

One of the outstanding teachers was Dr Lloyd-Jones, who was born in South Wales and died in 1981.

He became the minister of Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate, where he ministered for 30 years.

During that time on ¬†Friday he preached through Paul’s greatest Epistle, Paul’s letter to the Romans. Martin Luther said that Paul’s letter to the Romans is the greatest book in the New Testament.

Dr Lloyd-Jones Expositions of Romans are available in print and a number of volumes are in my possession.

I have not only started to read, but to study the exposition of Romans chapter 1, The Gospel of God, by D. M. Lloyd-Jones. The volume has almost 400 pages, 349 to be exact. What I really like is that he is looking at the letter as a whole in the beginning and that he says, “Let us get a bird’s-eye view of the great and massive argument.”

After giving a bird’s-eye view of the great and massive argument, he is going verse by verse through the chapter and I find 29 sermons in the volume. There are even two sermons on Romans 1:2!

At the beach.

To get my teeth into Scripture, to become engrossed in The Word of God helps me to obey the commands of God:

  1. To “be careful to obey all the law.”
  2. Not to “turn from ist to the right or to the left.”
  3. Not to let the Book of the law depart from my mouth.
  4. To meditate on the law day and night. (Psalm 1:2; Joshua 1:7,8)