MAY 12, 2017

When I read today in our local newspaper that the high standards in nursing began with the trail blazer Florence Nightingale, one book in my small library came to my mind, where she is also mentioned.

Florence Nightingale lived from 1837 – 1910 and thanks to her our hospitals and clinics are kept as clean as possible. She did not only see the need for professional nursing standards, but she enacted those standards.


The conditions in the 1854 Crimean War inspired Florence Nightingale in her work. The hospitals were dreadful. The barracks were dreadful. During that war England sent troops to help Turkey, but the room in the ship was limited and they did not take the equipment to look after the  wounded.

Florence Nightingale discovered also what is effecting the health of a patient, namely fresh air, isolation and even the layout of the room.

The book in my library where F. Nightingale is mentioned is in German and it is called PATIENCE AND FAITH OF THE SAINTS. (Revelation 14:12)

What is a saint? All born again believers are saints.

High standards in nursing began with the trail blazer F. Nightingale.

Many good things we enjoy at the present time began with saints.