A Newspaper with Verses from the Bible

On the backpage of our local paper, THE NORTHLAND AGE, you find verses from the BIBLE.

"God's Word: open for all"

“God’s Word: open for all”

Today (THE NORTHLAND AGE, Tuesday, September 17, 2013) I find there James 3:17,18 and here they are:

“But the wisdom that comes from above

James 3:17,18 (CEV)

Intr.: leads us to be

1.  pure,

2.  friendly,

3.  gentle,

4.  sensible,

5.  kind,

6.  helpful,

7.  genuine, and

8.  sincere.

When peacemakers plant seeds of peace, they will harvest justice.”

Please let me know if there are more newspapers with verses from the Bible!