“Don’t lose a day”

The advertisement tells us how “to keep colds, flu and sore throats at bay …”

We are told what we must do to keep healthy. And who does not want to be healthy physically?

"Don't lose a day"

“Don’t lose a day”

But we must not only be concerned about our physical health, we must also be concerned about our spiritual health.

And is our spiritual health not more important?

Have you heard about the QUIET TIME?

Who does not need strength for the day? There is sin. There is the world. There is the devil. That are three things the Christian is battling against. Please read Ephesians 6:12.

Satan does not want us to have a Quiet Time, and it can become a daily battle. A second problem can be concentration. Is it a battle of the mind?

How can we be victorious? 

First of all meditate on the cross.

Secondly meditate on the Blood.

Thirdly meditate on the power of the resurrection.

If we don’t continue to look after our physical health, we lose days, we lose days at work.

If we don’t persevere to look after our spiritual health, (Quiet Time), we lose also days, we lose days growing in the Lord.