“Call Dad this Father’s Day,” says the advertisement in the Paper Plus Father’s Day publication “My Dad, my Hero”.

"Don't Forget Dad"

“Don’t Forget Dad”

The ad encourages children to buy a Skinny Mobile for $69.  If they buy the Skinny S50 Mobile they receice a Free SIM card and $20 Free Skinny Credit.

I cannot remember my Dad. He did not come back from the second big war. I don’t even know where he died and where he is buried. I remember nothing at all!

But I remember the day when I connected with my Heavenly Father. From the time I had a relationship with my Heavenly Father I called on him.

At the present time I know my Heavenly Father already for more than fifty years and I need not to be encouraged to call on him. There are days when I cry to him for help several times in my prayers. 

And the best thing is that I don’t need a Mobile to get in touch with my Heavenly Father nor anything else.