“… free indeed.”

You would probably say that it is not quite the middle of Kaitaia, (town in the north of New Zealand) but almost.



Looking over the road (Commerce Street) I see two signs with the message “Freedom”. On this side of the road “Freedom” is also advertised in big letters over a shop. “Freedom Camping” it says there.

In the shop I received the “Hunting & Fishing New Zealand” catalogue and in the catalogue I am reading about “Freedom Tents,” “Freedom Camp Furniture,” “Freedom Camp Cookers,” “Freedom Lighting, Tables, Accessories”.

Freedom is something we are after!

We are prisoners in a prison. We are in chains. We need someone to set us free.

The name of the prison is sin. The name of the deliverer is the Lord Jesus Christ.

In John 8:36 it says:

“‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'”